Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mmmmrph mmmm Hrmmm

It is with a heart clogged full of joy that I present to you Sylphid's first video... sort of. Cora made this video for school a couple months ago, and set it to the Sylphid piece "B.07.10.09". I assisted with my svelte, sleek, sexiness. Like a tar baby writhing in a patch of brambly sex dragons.

I bring you "Zenshin Taitsu".

Oh, also... this: Sylphid has this new mailing list thing. I know what you're thinking. "Big fucking yank. One more newsletter that I'll get every other week wedged between the South Beach diet recipes and petitions. What is it 2001 again? Since when do bands even bother with newsletters anymore?"


This isn't your garden variety, "here are some shows we're playing 126 miles away from you" mailing list. I like to think of it more as an exclusive club where the members get free shit for being totally dope. In fact, anyone who signs up gets an unreleased track speared through their inbox the same day. In addition, we're working on two new releases. Our first *actual* releases to be distributed by *actual* labels. Several dozen tracks are being recorded, and only a mittful will be released. The rest? Oh you know... WE'LL SEND YOU ONE ON THE FIRST DAY OF EVERY MONTH. Free buttons, stickers, magnets, etc. will also be involved. And the prerequisite newsletter? We'll send an extra special one, rife with perspiration-inspiring secrets each month. One. That's it. Promise.

Anyway, if loads of awesome, free, material is your stripe then click on the link below. All others need not apply.



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