Friday, October 30, 2009

Ponds Live Recordings Available On the Now-Obsolete Myspace!

I posted two very rough live recordings from our show up in Peterborough, NH at Toadstool Books from a few weeks ago - courtesy of the beautiful Dave Seidel and his (startlingly) even more beautiful Zoom digital recorder that he smuggled into the store. Way to bootleg our recordings Dave. This shit's going to be worth it's weight in gold someday, possibly, but not likely... or even at all.

Check out "Heart/Lungs" and "A New Hampshire Mirage" on the PONDS MYSPACE.

More shows to report in a couple o' days.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ponds shows! Ponds Recording! Ponds Ponds!

Holy confused priorities. After 6 months of near inactivity, Ponds is back to playing shows. For now we only have 2 shows in the upcoming weeks, but we're just barely creaking out of sleep and dusting the rust off. I say "near inactivity" because we have hatched out a few new, ugly, throbbing lumps of evil that we'll be debuting at these shows.

It also looks like next month we'll be holing ourselves up at Dead Air Studios in Leverett, MA with Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, Bucket Full of Teeth) to record a 5 song EP. We're longtime fans of Will's output, so expect lots of ass-rimming on our part.

In the meantime, Ponds will be playing Sat. Oct 17 @ Toadstool Books in Peterborough, NH with the deliciously stoned Black Norse. The shows starts at around 6pm. Click the link for directions.
We'll also be playing a house show in Granby, MA on Halloween afternoon/evening with the likes of Belltone Suicide, Evil Bill, Problem with Dragons, Whyte Castles, Radioactive Prostitute, Hornworm, Jow Jow, Bunwinkies, The Lamb Bashers, and of course, The Two Tents band, who are throwing this abominable soiree.
If you're on facebook, here's a link to the event for more info: HALLOWEEN SHIT.

Have the fun.