Thursday, April 15, 2010

Master Blaster

On occasion I do audio mastering for various bands that I like. They usually pay me in Pogs or Monster in My Pocket figures. Anyway, I've had the extreme good fortune of working with two such projects recently, which happen to create music of the highest artistic magnitude in all of western MA. IMHO. Let me demonstrate my arrogance by telling you what they sound like to me.

HOUSE OF TEETH: "Sweet-tooth Segue to Stormy Weather" - I mastered two full lengths from this dude - Jacob Gaulin (Cora's bro!). The first was a fortress of sound, fortified with Bowie-esque about-faces and strangely melodic noise. And this was the second, given to me on Thanksgiving to master. I didn't get around to it until February. I had it in my car literally all winter and listened to it once a day at least. I couldn't part with it. Totally made me feel stupid and devoid of anything resembling talent. Made with shitty Garageband synth-plug-ins and some drum triggers... I haven't the foggiest idea how Jake squeezed out the gorgeous, falsetto-peppered, buzzing squalor of psych-hop, synth-pop therein. Lovely discordance.

LOLFM: "We Are It's Waves" - A local electro "supergroup" of sorts, featuring Eric Hnatow, Noam Schatz (Mobius Band, 3rdness), and an elusive dude I know only as "Aaron". 45+ minutes of 8-bit transcendental meditation Kraut-scapes, created with broken toys circuit-bent beyond recognition, an armada of Casio MTs, an iPod, and Hnatow's corrosive electribe synths. The only happenin' electronic music around here as far as I'm concerned. I would love to do a split with these guys some day.

Check these out. Don't let me down. More importantly, don't let yourself down.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There is No Cure for Epilepsy

But there is a cure for the blues! And that cure is watching Cora maniacally spiral into an epileptic fit while we went to go see Xiu Xiu and white Rastafarian badasses (apparently they do exist?) Tune Yards last night.

The center of movement to this video is she. A blur of Jew hair swaddled in an entire thrift store.

Swell video courtesy of swell guy Ted Lee of swell band ZEBU.