Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Light Album FIN // The Trials and Tribulation Commit Bum-outs to Tape

Welcome back to this megalomaniacal trash heap overstuffed with half-chewed crusts of bloated self-importance. It's good to be back. It's been awhile. Super busy the entire month of December. Filing through the throngs of holiday shoppers to purchase whale penis-skin arm rests and other unneeded junk... enduring painfully awkward family get-togethers buffered only by convenience store wine... watching neighbors' homes leveled by a serial arsonist... the usual mixed bag of holiday tricks.

Eon's home was not engulfed in flames. His neighbor's was though and, sadly, did not survive the ordeal.

Amid the entire town burning, Eon managed to finish the 2nd Light album Beams of Light Like Insects Crowd the Floor. I received an advance copy and have been envy-stricken ever since. Shit sounds like the ghostly pleads of a malfunctioning transistor radio wafting up from the bottom of a frozen lake. I'm awaiting details regarding a proper release. But for now, you can hear some of the album tracks HERE and check out the album artwork AT THIS PLACE.

Changing topics, The Trials and Tribulations is slowly assembling to record an unknown number of songs with an unknown number of musicians and an entirely unreasonable number of instruments. Regardless of how many trumpet, violin, organ, acoustic and electric guitar, bowed and plucked bass, shaker and tambourine, glockenspiel, trombone, omnichord, flute, melodica, found-sound, banjo, and saw-players lead-depressor Jameson Lavo accumulates, I assure you it will be ten short of his satisfaction. I have no idea how this will sound but I'm absolutely fucking terrified. I'm sure the production team behind such a soup of unwieldy sounds - Justin Pizzoferato and Aaron Borucki (from Bank Row Studios [Dinosaur Jr., Bunnies] and Something Studios [Mire, My My] respectively) - could agree. I'll let you from the frontline once I'm deployed next month. It looks like Aaron posted an in-progress version of T&T's "...to Alaska!" on the Something Studios myspace. So go there and listen to this song in the most skeletal incarnation that it will ever appear in - only 12 instruments on this version.

I'm tired and don't feel like typing any more. Eat it.

no, I love you.



  1. I love everything about this. You were born to blog, sir.

  2. I always thought I was born to shave...