Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sorry for the poop jokes Will

Ponds recorded this past Sunday for a behemoth 12-hour block with Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios in Leverett, MA. The day was grotesquely productive.

In that 12 hour span:

-we recorded 4 songs almost entirely - "Heart/Lungs", "A New Hampshire Mirage", "Prophylaxis", and "198 Pieces". Song names always sound stupid when you're sharing them with people.

-we talked about poop only twice

-when we tired of talking about poop we changed the topic to music. The only band we could think to talk about was SHAT

-Bard recorded guitar solos. Fucking guitar solos. Two of em. Jesus.

-I ate two entire bags of trail mix. That was all I ate. The following day was a grisly ordeal.

-the unmixed, rough, result is a nightmarish mess. Terrifying. I think you'll love it.

We'll be returned to Dead Air after the first of the year to record a 5th song, "Stork Bites" and to track vocals, samples, drones, et al. Between now and then, we'll figure out what exactly we're going to be doing with these 5 pieces of horror and let you know as soon as that happens.

bye bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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