Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello Fan!

Congratulations Fan #_______! If you've haphazardly stumbled upon this page, then you've probably heard of one of our projects. Blush. What's even more, you probably took enough interest in what hatched and oozed from our brains and bodies to follow one or more of our projects' myspace pages, since that is the only place we've chosen to pass along the word that is this site. Erections. If that isn't enough, NO ONE in their EVER-LOVING RIGHT MIND would still bother farting around with the user-shredding interface of myspace.

Unless of course, you're a fan.

Our sole motivation behind unveiling our collective corner of the internet via myspace's crummy antiquity is that you probably qualify as a fan. If you had taken the initiative to maneuver through the endless spawn of legions of backwoods tweens and bot-abusing metal bands to read our advert from within the cyber-folds yellowed panties then I would say you qualify as a fan. Any interest you have, the volume of which matters not, is humbling. Without you, the artistic process would not only be nullified, but incomplete.

Interest in what you may ask?

This little, swirling gyre of creative waste, is the combined effect of the musical projects of Eon Fontes-May, Cora Rose Gaulin, and myself, Adam Kozak. Functioning, or no-longer functioning. And those would be SYLPHID, PONDS, THE CHEATERS CLUB, LIGHT, TUNDRA TODDLER, GUILTY RICH WHITE KIDS, THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS, and whatever the fuck else we feel like releasing without a budget, on a whim. All news, show-listings, and general information regarding any of those bands will be available on here, along with miscellaneous crap we're presumptuous enough to think you'll find interesting/amusing.

So read on! Check back daily.


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