Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3 Sylphid shows this week of our Lord...

We're playing, well... tonight actually, at PA's Lounge in Somerville, MA with our buddies TECHNOIR MA (an eerie, unintentional(?) re-vamping of the best elements of Factory Records circa 1979) and CONNCET9 (blasts of noise from CT). Sort of a down-to-the-wire notification, but oh well. Should be dead, albeit rad.
This Thursday we'll be at The Sierra Grille, in our stomping grounds of Northampton, MA with Boston's inimitable, monster drones of ANIMAL HOSPITAL and a bizarre mash-up of HORNWORM (ex-Psychic TV among a million other stripes of insanity) and HUNTER-GATHERER (doom, gloom, and... hope?), both from in town.

And then on Sunday, Aug 16, we're playing this monstrosity with a SHITFUCK of bands... Lightning Bolt, White Crime, Sisters and Brothers. Sord, Relics, Belltone Suicide, Problem with Dragons, and a million others. Check the flyer.

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