Saturday, November 28, 2009

Recording: Dealing with no daylight whatsoever

The entire roster of holdyourbreath Music has fallen into live slumber lately. Very few live shows to speak of, though things will be picking up considerably after the first of the year. For now, beneath the perceived lag, and in classic introvert style, our brains have been atwitter with writing and recording activity. Every... single... project. I'm assuming this has something to do with our distaste for being around other human beings that only increases as the amount of daylight wanes.

PONDS will begin recording an EP tomorrow in Leverett, MA with Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios!! This is very exciting. I'll let you know how it goes on Monday. Will: don't fuck this up or else I'll make icky jokes about you on a blog that no one reads. Consider the arc of your entire career in the crosshairs.

THE TRIALS AND TRIBULATIONS has been meandering about, recording songs here, some there, and even a few over there. Today, Cora, Bard, and I will be hearing some of these recordings for the first time and contributing bass, bells, and guitar on the song "Alaska". Eventually these bits of histrionica will make their way onto some sort of release. Possibly two releases? Ask Jamie Lavo. Email him:

SYLPHID is slowly, painstakingly recording dozens of pieces. I'd hazard to guess that this will continue until the ground thaws, leaving us with a mass of music roughly the size of Siberia to sift through and compile into our first actual LP.

TUNDRA TODDLER has clambered back onto it's feet. If it ever were on it's feet in the first place. I have 5 years worth of demos that I've been giving the eyeball, the eardrum, and the harelip lately. 8 of these have been selected and are getting re-honed and thrown back down onto fresh tape err... hard drive. I imagine that within a week or two I'll be dumping every thread of my being into this and not really coming up for air until it's done.

The LIGHT album is nearly done from what I understand. I wouldn't know. I haven't talked to Eon lately. Though I'm in a band with him and he's one of my best friends, I think I've talked to him for a net total of 2 hours in the last month. Should be a good barometer for my anti-social behavior lately. Sorry everyone. Spring is just around the corner in 4 months. Anyway, the new Light is absolutely fantastic. Perfect for long, dark nights, with the weather-proof windows to your home gathering frost patterns, sputtering heating vents in the corner. It will be called "Beams of Light Like Insects Crowd the Floor".



Monday, November 9, 2009

2 Last Minute Shows...

Lots of wee 'ittle bits of news this week.

First things first: There are 2 last minute shows quickly advancing this week. A bit bummed about this, only because this is my first opportunity to really tell anyone at all about them.

This Thursday (Nov. 12) PONDS will be rocking the the dirt out of our hair and the grease out of our beards at O'Brien's Pub in Allston, MA with God Awful and other mysterious bands that are unbeknown to us. This is bound to be a dead show and I apologize to all two of my bandmates for booking such a waste of gas. Come out and prove us wrong! Nevertheless, thank you Mr. Shred for keeping us in mind. Starts at 9pm, 21+, and I believe can be had for $7. click for directions. You don't want to get lost in the bone bucket that is Allston...

Show # 2 is this Saturday night (Nov. 14). SYLPHID is playing a house show in South Deerfield, MA at the Woodrose Ballroom (7 River Rd.) with Almost Morse Code. I jammed with these cats roughly a year ago. Weird, Krauty psychedelic squalls of splendor. A wall of synthesizers, a homemade electronic drum kit... I'm missing The Jesus Lizard and Animal Hospital in Boston for this, so you know it'll be good.

In other news there has been a truly mongoloidal amount of recording activity lately. We've got 4 separate projects in the process of recording material for various EPs, full lengths, and downloadable tracks. It's consumed our entire being - and we wouldn't have that shit any other way. More to come oh so soon!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unreleased Cheaters Club Track Available

Hey everyone. Remember The Cheaters Club? Neither do we. The Cheaters Club has fallen to the back of the backburner, to where all of the olive oil residue and bacon drippings collect, where it may very well stay indefinitely. Or not. We're all (relatively) happy chaps at this time in our lives and I think it'd be disingenuous for us to blaze that trail for the time being. Only time will tell.

Anyway, I was meandering through my hard drive today dispensing of unlistenable 90s NoMeansNo mp3s when I happened upon an old, notably apocalyptic, demo(?) for a song that we never managed to do much of anything with. I thought you might be interested in hearing it.

So until our families are crushed by an upended tractor trailer full of beef, or we watch our best friend slowly engulfed by Parkinson's Disease, you can tide yourself over with the unreleased track "Wake Me Up" on the myspace player.