Monday, September 14, 2009

Light's First show! And Multiple Artist Ambient Project...

Eon has been chipping and spit-shining away at his solo lap-gloss project LIGHT for the last month or so and it sounds like a fever. He had recorded an album worth of material back in '05, hand-packaged the results, and shelved it after passing it along to a couple dozen folks. This is unfortunate and ugly. Being one of the few people to own the debut, I'm ludicrously excited that he's forded the swamp of writer's block (or what have you) and is working on new material.
As excited as I am, I'm equally as disappointed with myself for missing his off-the-cuff live premier at The Elevens in Northampton last Saturday. I hear it went off without a hitch. Hopefully more will come. A total must for fans of Pole, Casino Vs Japan, and Lullatone. Here's a link so I can stop burying my snout in Eon's ass now. LIGHT circa 2005.

Also in the developing stages, we're excited to be participating in the Multiple Artist Ambient Project. A pet project of Daniel Davis (of Carl Sagan's Ghost), MAAP is, in his words...

"...a multiple-artist album in multiple-parts that are meant to be played simultaneously in a mix-and-match fashion up to the listener’s preference. Each participating artist will record their own part for each composition. These parts will then be assembled by the listener for a unique, interactive listening experience. The parts can be downloaded and then assembled via an audio editor like Audacity. The parts can be downloaded and then played simultaneously on different audio devices.The parts can be played via an interactive website to be designed at a later date..."

As the name suggests, multiple electronic artists will be getting involved and providing minimal textures, blips, drones, et al. For more information, please visit

Stay awake.

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